that embarrassing moment

when it hits you that you’ve been listening to the same people for years and you just realize it.

I bought DJ Krush’s “Zen” the day it came out and this track quickly became my favorite:

Still love it.

Today one of my favorite groups is Run the Jewels, but it was only this morning on the treadmill that it clicked one of the voices was one I have been listening to for almost 20 years.

Filter and Curate

I’ve been in a weird mood lately. Weird probably isn’t even the word to describe it. It’s normal for me.

I think too much. About everything. The moving pictures I watch. The sounds I listen to. The words I read. The sensations I feel.

You get the picture. At least I hope you do.

One of my favorite writers, Warren Ellis, is always talking about how he filters and curates his feeds. Goes offline. Disconnects and otherwise, blocks out all the bullshit that can distract him from the tasks at hand.

He wrote about it again in his weekly Sunday transmission. He wrote about another person he knows who does the same thing. Then I think about how I reached my goals I had a number of years ago, most work related stuff, but I achieved them mostly before Facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterest, etc. became real things that demand your every waking moment.

It used to be easy to curate your feeds. I used an RSS reader (bloglines) to track everything and everyone I was interested in. It was the best. I kept up with a large number of writers and subjects simply by following their feed in a single site. I could scan everything quickly, add and delete people from my feed, and move on with my life without much effort. Now it’s all on Facebook. One of the worst walled gardens of all time. I have to find better tools to curate.

Some random shit I read today

All while listening to this:

streaming everything

Streaming services have changed how we consume almost everything. My favorite, it has allowed deeper stories to be told in ways that movies and broadcast television don’t permit.

One that I am looking forward to diving into: HANNA on amazon prime. I watched the original movie version in 2012, because one of my favorite musicians The Chemical Brothers did the soundtrack.